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Train Station (Life is Inevitable Lore)

In between Life and Death stands a train station. This station acts as transportation for recently deceased souls. In most cases, those who come here receive tickets that will take them to heaven or hell. However, in Brennan’s and Olivia’s case, we’ve seen that these aren’t the only two options. Those who receive tickets that harbor their name are sent back to their body. Each ticket can be given at one of the two booths waiting for every soul that enters.

However, not everyone goes through the same procedure. On special occasions, an angel is sent as a messenger from god. Their main goal is to give special instructions to those they’re sent to work with. In most instances, the primary purpose of the angel is to direct the person on the right path. Sometimes it includes coming to terms with the life they lived or finding some sort of fulfillment before venturing further into the afterlife.

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