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Olivia Character Profile (Life is Inevitable)

Life is Inevitable features two characters, Brennan Claufield and Olivia Benning. While Brennan is hot-headed and tactless, Olivia is the complete opposite. She's patient, loving, and places the well being of others above her own. Even though both have them have lived a rough life, Olivia turned out timid while Brennan lashed out. Her timidity is explored throughout the novel. Within the text we experience her growing out of her fearfulness and blossom into someone that's brave and assertive.

Each character has a reason for being the way they are, and Olivia is no different. What was once a safe place for her has turned hostile. Hailing from a broken home is just the start of her problems. Overtime we get to see the things that have pushed her over the edge. However, at the same time she begins to grow stronger as she starts to accept the harsh realities of her life. By the end of the novel, she becomes more like Brennan by retaining his positive traits, but at the same time she becomes her own person by rejecting his harmful ones. Overall, she's more assertive without being tactless, and she respects others without being a push-over.

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