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My Favorite Book quotes

I love picking out quotes from different books and plastering them on my wall with post-it notes. But what would make a quote stick with me? Well, first off, if the words give a meaningful message then that's a huge plus, but if it speaks volumes about a certain topic, emotion, or human trait, then it's a perfect piece that deserves to be on my wall. Here's a few quotes that have stuck with me through the years.

The first quote I'd like to share is, "You think a boy who did nothing when he had no power will do anything once he gains it?" (Goblin Slayer Volume 2). This quote is perfect to me. In the past, I've never had any power and I did nothing about it, and I find that even though I have more power in my life today, I still don't do anything with it. The words here address that, and it's opened my eyes to what I should and can do. A quote like this gives me a reason to take initiative and to grow as a person.

The next quote I'd like to share is, "She was smiling... like she was at a loss, like she was a little bit sad... I thought to myself, how can anyone be... as pretty as her?" (Tokyo Ghoul Re). Who doesn't love a bit of romance in stories? I think a lot of us can relate to the fact that we have a strong attraction toward a certain person. I've felt it, my friends have felt it, and so have you. Sometimes we find it hard to describe our feelings for that specific someone, but the character Kaneki explains his feelings perfectly despite his memory impairment.

My final quote that I'd like to share with the world is, "Don't underestimate the gift of someone who smiles every time they see you." (Someday). This is just a really sweet sentiment. I remember back in my high school years, my French teacher would always smile at me whenever we ran into each other on campus. Seeing her happy face made me happy. Her smile was like a gift from God to make my bad day a little less bad.

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