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Ideas For The Afterlife (Life is Inevitable)

There have been many interpretations of what the Afterlife could look like. Whether it be in religious texts, or man-made movies and stories, the Afterlife has been envisioned in many different ways. However, there are still similarities between the two.

Many religions depict the Afterlife as having different areas, and in Life is Inevitable, the areas being focused on are Heaven and Hell. Many religions have their depictions of these planes of existence. Whether it be Elysium and the underworld from Greek Mythology or Jannah and Jahannam from Islam, many faiths have shown to believe in their version of Heaven and Hell.

Life is Inevitable has a few inspirations for its depiction of death. First off, there’s the train station inspired by Charon’s Ferry from Greek mythology. The train acted as the ferry that would take souls to their next destination, and the train tickets were similar to the gold used to purchase a ride. The idea of Heaven and Hell stemmed from the Christian Bible's vision, and there’s also an aspect of reincarnation taken from various religions.

All of these religions and ideas are what inspired the supernatural world within Life is Inevitable.

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